Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Last First Day

How many times do we say we're going to make a change starting today.
We then promise to make that same change starting today 3 months later when we realize we made a change for about a week 3 months ago and then resorted back to our old ways.
Making changes are not easy. We think we can do it, we jump into it, and then suddenly, that change is not going the way we want, so we give up completely.
I want to make a change. I've been trying to make a change for years. I start, I stop, I start again, and then 3 days later, its back to my old ways. I made a commitment a few days ago that that day would be the last "first" day of my change. The last time I say, "Starting today, I'm going to make this change." This is going to take a lot of strength and perseverance. I will not give up. I can not give up this time.
If we make this commitment to make today the last first day of our change, imagine where we can be in a month, 5 months, a year, 5 years. Can you even imagine the possibilities? Do this. Make today the last first day. And fight. Fight hard. Do all you can do to make today the last first day. You will go far.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Blog

A lot of people still don't quite get the concept of a blog. Heck, I don't even remotely understand it, and I have one. That people have read. That scares me a little bit.

What are we as bloggers doing. What's the purpose of all this? What are we trying to get out, to get across to people?

A few things are running through my mind as I sit down tonight to write this entry. Because tonight, I did two things:

2 hours ago I sat down at my computer to watch a film produced by the insanely talented Chris Wiegand called American Blogger. I've been following his wife Casey and their family on their blogging journey for more than 2 years now. Casey's stories about life, loss, and love, as well as her three precious babies, Aiden, Ainsleigh, and Apple have inspired me and guided me in many many ways. I remember last year when Chris and Casey were posting about fixing up the airstream that Chris would be using to travel all around America to meet up with amazing families who, like his wife Casey, find great comfort and hope in blogging. I remember the posts of Chris with these different families, the pure joy in Casey's instagram posts when she met up with Chris at the beach, and the heartwarming photo of Chris and the kids when he returned home from his trip around the country. Like many out there, I was so excited to see this film and everything Chris put into it. I was excited to learn more about these families, what their purpose in blogging is, all of the things that these bloggers had to offer. I'm sitting here amazed and inspired. Although I don't have many followers at this point on my blogging journey, I encourage anyone who happens to see this post to go check out this film. It is so well done, so heartwarming, and soooo worth watching. I promise you, if you're a blogger yourself, or just a blog reader, this film is more than worth your while.

A few weeks ago, the amazingly talented Dan Schneider of Nickelodeon responded to one of my twitter posts telling me that he had seen and read my blog post about his win at the Kids Choice Awards. If this alone wasn't enough, I logged onto my blog minutes after watching Chris' film to find out that my blog was featured on his website under press articles next to other articles from TIME, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, and Entertainment Weekly. This just proved everything that American Blogger was trying to get across. People blog to tell stories, to get across feelings, to share, to get across emotions, to offer something. I didn't write the post about Dan for any reason other than to express the pure joy and pride I felt in my heart over his win. The feeling it gave me to hear that someone who deserves everything won this award took over, and I had to write about it, I had to get it out. And I did. Not expecting it to reach Dan, let alone end up on his website next to other articles from renowned news sources.

It is AMAZING what the world of blogging can do. And Chris' film captures that. What Chris Wiegand did for the world of blogging was monumental. He created a snapshot of this point in time, what blogging means now, and it will be amazing to see the concept of blogging grow in the future. I'm so excited for what the blogging community has to offer for all the people out there who are a part of it. Although I don't know the Wiegand family personally, only through their blog, I am still truly so proud of Chris and his family, the journey and risks that they took to produce this wonderfully amazing piece of art, and everything that is coming out of it. Please, take some time to check it out. You won't regret it, I promise.

You can purchase the film using the link below:

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

I want to take some time to talk about something near and dear to my heart, and to congratulate someone who has made a huge impact on my life and the lives of millions of children around the world.

*Photo Credit*
Dan Schneider - Twitter @DanWarp
"Just sat down. Tried not to cry. But I cried. :) So touched and grateful. THANK YOU EVERYONE! :) :)"

Tonight, March 30, 2014, Dan Schneider was awarded the first Lifetime Achievement Award at the Kids Choice Awards. That award has been a long time coming.

If you're not familiar with Dan Schneider, I can almost guarantee you're familiar with his work. For the last 20 years, this man has been writing and producing everyone's favorite TV shows. Through shows like All That, Kenan and Kel, The Amanda Show, Drake and Josh, Zoey 101, iCarly, Victorious, and Sam and Cat, Dan has been coming into millions of homes and providing kids and adults alike hours upon hours of laughs. With everything he has done, I'm surprised he hasn't been recognized in this way sooner.

One of my favorite things about Dan is how he connects all of his shows. From obvious connections like the specials, "iParty with Victorious", the double spinoff "Sam and Cat" and the all of the special guests, to more subtle connections like incorporating The Amanda Show's "Dancing Lobsters" into Victorious, I really feel that it shows how dedicated and invested he is in his shows and how much they mean to him. I hope he realizes how much more they mean to us.

Something that is very obvious about Dan's character is how much he cares about all of his cast members that work on his shows. They may work for him, but Dan treats each and every one of them like family. You don't see that closeness with a lot of producers. I find it amazing and inspiring. The casts of all of these shows are so lucky to work for and with such a caring and dedicated person. Dan forms connections that will last a lifetime. Everyone can see how close these cast members are to each other on and off screen. The support they give each other and the friendships they have formed through Dan are incredible. These friendships are like nothing you've ever seen before. Truly, so amazing. And we owe that to Dan. Seeing these actors together years after the shows end gives us all hope for lifelong friendships and connections. Its refreshing to see something like that in today's young celebrities.

As I sat watching the incredible tribute to Dan, I couldn't help but think about all of these things as well as the impact he has made on so many. At 20 years old, I can say that I've been affected by every one of Dan's shows growing up, so being able to be a part of this night (even if that means watching it on TV from across the country), was a really memorable experience for me.

*Photo Credit*

Joined by Dan on stage, cast members from his shows Sam and Cat, Kenan and Kel, iCarly, Victorious, Zoey 101 and Drake and Josh showed their appreciation with kind words. Kel Mitchel commented, "You've made more milk come out of more kid's noses." Victoria Justice thanks him by remarking "You not only changed all of our lives, you changed kid's TV", and Drake Bell admits "It's hard to put in a word for what Dan has done for all of us." Every single one of those talented actors are lucky to have been influenced by such an amazing man.

I've been saying it for years, marveling over Dan and wondering if anyone else realized the genius that he is in the way that I do. He makes me proud, amazed, thankful in every way. Thank You. Thank you Dan for all that you do and all that you've contributed to Nickelodeon and TV.

It is with tears in my eyes, and a proud, proud heart that I say, Congratulations Dan. You deserve this more than anyone.

*Photo Credit*
Elizabeth Gillies - Twitter @LizGillies
"Congratulations, & love to my Nick family :)" - Elizabeth Gillies

*Photo Credit*
Daniella Monet - Twitter @DaniellaMonet
"Proud to be included in honoring for his lifetime achievement award. Congratulations to you Mr Schneider." -Avan Jogia

"congratulations and Sam & Cat cast!!! thank you guys for a beautiful day we will never forget"
-Ariana Grande

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Creating A Balance

Keeping balance in my life is something that's been really difficult for me lately. I've been very all-or-nothing with far too many aspects of my life. It seems as though if I want to flourish and do exceptionally well in the work I'm doing,  I need to devote all my time to it. Because of this, other parts of my life have been suffering.

So when does it become the time to tell yourself that the other things need a little extra time and care? Throughout life I've been told that work comes first, then play. But what if thats not the case? What if I'm missing out on important things that could shape the rest of my life as I sit behind the screen and do work for hours on end.

In the long run I'd like to believe that all this work will pay off, but what if I get everything I want and end up with no foundation of people to back me up? Wouldn't that defeat the purpose?

I want to have time; I want to have time to do everything thats important to me; I want to know how to balance it all.

I want to know what the right thing to do is.
What's the think I should be focusing on right now.

I guess thats the whole game of it. You don't know what you're supposed to do and you're going to figure it out along the way. In life, too much is uncertain. No matter what you do to try to control it, to make it work out in your favor, to give yourself the best chances, things will happen how they're supposed to happen, and the funny thing about it is, it always seems to work out.

If you have a goal, I say go for it. Work hard for it. Focus on it. Achieve it. But don't lose sight of the other things that are important to you, your other goals, your foundation. You can't have balance without a solid foundation.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Music Monday: Louder

Lea Michele: Louder

I don't think I have ever recommended an album as much as I will this one.

Lea Michele has outdone herself. "Louder" came out on iTunes today, and I've been playing it on repeat. Every single song on this album is amazing. I've never really been a fan of hers, but one listen to this album and I realized how amazing of an artist this girl truly is. She's powerful with her words. I'm extremely impressed. The album covers a wide range of music, ranging from slower and sadder to the kind of music you want to blast in the car. Truly wonderful.

Personal Favorite Songs:

- On My Way
- Cue The Rain
- If You Say So
- Louder

"If You Say So", Lea's tribute to her recently deceased boyfriend, Cory Monteith is more than worth listening to. This is such a powerful song. Leaves me in tears every time I hear it. 

"Was just a week ago
You said I love you girl
I said I love you more
And a breath, a pause, you said, if you say so"

Take some time to check out this album! Happy Monday!


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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Valentines Day Tag

There's something about Valentine's Day... the red, the pink. I know many people don't necessarily share my love of this holiday, but I've always thought of it as such a happy season. What's more happy than love? Am I right?

I've decided to do my first tag. I'm brand new to blogging, so I don't have anyone to "tag", but I thought I'd do it anyway to get in the spirit!

1. What is your favorite Valentine's Day treat?
Chocolate covered strawberries, which brings me to my next question...

2. Sweethearts or chocolate covered strawberries?
Absolutely, without a doubt, chocolate covered strawberries.

3. What is your favorite Valentine's Day memory?
In elementary school, we would decorate boxes for our valentine exchange at school. I have fond memories of those Valentine's Days when I was younger.  So precious. 

4. What movie would you rather watch on Valentine's Day: Pretty Woman or You've Got Mail? 
I haven't seen either...

5. What celeb would you not mind having as your valentine?
Ashton, of course.

6. What would you do on your perfect Valentine's date?
Dinner, spending time together, nothing too fancy.

7. Red or pink lips on Valentine's Day?

8. What is your ideal Valentine's Day outfit?
Something red, not too flashy.

9. Homemade or store-bought gifts?

10. Hair up or down for a date night?

That is all for the Valentine's Day tag!

Lots of Love,

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tell Yourself 'Yes'

Do it.

Tell yourself 'Yes'.

Once a day. Life is too short to limit yourself. If you want something, go get it.

Say yes to the simple things, the extra scoop of ice cream, the friend who asked you to go out when you have a million other things you could be doing, the date that you're nervous to go on because your crazy best friend set it up (but she's sure you'll like this one).

Say yes to the big things. Take chances. Because if you don't, you could be missing out on something you've been waiting your whole life for. When life hands you an opportunity, take it. You're shaping your life now. Do it for you. Do it for the person you've always wanted to be.

Tell yourself 'Yes'. See what happens.