Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Creating A Balance

Keeping balance in my life is something that's been really difficult for me lately. I've been very all-or-nothing with far too many aspects of my life. It seems as though if I want to flourish and do exceptionally well in the work I'm doing,  I need to devote all my time to it. Because of this, other parts of my life have been suffering.

So when does it become the time to tell yourself that the other things need a little extra time and care? Throughout life I've been told that work comes first, then play. But what if thats not the case? What if I'm missing out on important things that could shape the rest of my life as I sit behind the screen and do work for hours on end.

In the long run I'd like to believe that all this work will pay off, but what if I get everything I want and end up with no foundation of people to back me up? Wouldn't that defeat the purpose?

I want to have time; I want to have time to do everything thats important to me; I want to know how to balance it all.

I want to know what the right thing to do is.
What's the think I should be focusing on right now.

I guess thats the whole game of it. You don't know what you're supposed to do and you're going to figure it out along the way. In life, too much is uncertain. No matter what you do to try to control it, to make it work out in your favor, to give yourself the best chances, things will happen how they're supposed to happen, and the funny thing about it is, it always seems to work out.

If you have a goal, I say go for it. Work hard for it. Focus on it. Achieve it. But don't lose sight of the other things that are important to you, your other goals, your foundation. You can't have balance without a solid foundation.

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