Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Blog

A lot of people still don't quite get the concept of a blog. Heck, I don't even remotely understand it, and I have one. That people have read. That scares me a little bit.

What are we as bloggers doing. What's the purpose of all this? What are we trying to get out, to get across to people?

A few things are running through my mind as I sit down tonight to write this entry. Because tonight, I did two things:

2 hours ago I sat down at my computer to watch a film produced by the insanely talented Chris Wiegand called American Blogger. I've been following his wife Casey and their family on their blogging journey for more than 2 years now. Casey's stories about life, loss, and love, as well as her three precious babies, Aiden, Ainsleigh, and Apple have inspired me and guided me in many many ways. I remember last year when Chris and Casey were posting about fixing up the airstream that Chris would be using to travel all around America to meet up with amazing families who, like his wife Casey, find great comfort and hope in blogging. I remember the posts of Chris with these different families, the pure joy in Casey's instagram posts when she met up with Chris at the beach, and the heartwarming photo of Chris and the kids when he returned home from his trip around the country. Like many out there, I was so excited to see this film and everything Chris put into it. I was excited to learn more about these families, what their purpose in blogging is, all of the things that these bloggers had to offer. I'm sitting here amazed and inspired. Although I don't have many followers at this point on my blogging journey, I encourage anyone who happens to see this post to go check out this film. It is so well done, so heartwarming, and soooo worth watching. I promise you, if you're a blogger yourself, or just a blog reader, this film is more than worth your while.

A few weeks ago, the amazingly talented Dan Schneider of Nickelodeon responded to one of my twitter posts telling me that he had seen and read my blog post about his win at the Kids Choice Awards. If this alone wasn't enough, I logged onto my blog minutes after watching Chris' film to find out that my blog was featured on his website under press articles next to other articles from TIME, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, and Entertainment Weekly. This just proved everything that American Blogger was trying to get across. People blog to tell stories, to get across feelings, to share, to get across emotions, to offer something. I didn't write the post about Dan for any reason other than to express the pure joy and pride I felt in my heart over his win. The feeling it gave me to hear that someone who deserves everything won this award took over, and I had to write about it, I had to get it out. And I did. Not expecting it to reach Dan, let alone end up on his website next to other articles from renowned news sources.

It is AMAZING what the world of blogging can do. And Chris' film captures that. What Chris Wiegand did for the world of blogging was monumental. He created a snapshot of this point in time, what blogging means now, and it will be amazing to see the concept of blogging grow in the future. I'm so excited for what the blogging community has to offer for all the people out there who are a part of it. Although I don't know the Wiegand family personally, only through their blog, I am still truly so proud of Chris and his family, the journey and risks that they took to produce this wonderfully amazing piece of art, and everything that is coming out of it. Please, take some time to check it out. You won't regret it, I promise.

You can purchase the film using the link below:

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